Legal notices

Legal notices

This website is the responsibility of a corporate entity.
In accordance with Article 6 of Law n° 2004-575 of the 21st June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy, users of the website have the right to be informed of the identities of the various parties involved in creating and monitoring this website:
Owner: LAURHOTEL Ltd – 16 avenue Aristide Maillol
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Terms and Conditions of Use:

The ( website is available in a range of scripting languages (PHP, HTML5, Javascript, CSS, etc) for ease of use and improved graphics; we recommend that you use a modern browser such as Internet Explorer,Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome etc. LAURHOTEL Ltd will do its utmost to ensure that information published on its websites is accurate and up-to-date. However, errors and omissions may occur. The user is responsible for confirming the accuracy of this information with LAURHOTEL Ltd and signalling any changes s/he deems appropriate; as such, LAURHOTEL Ltd will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect loss or harm arising from the use of such information.
Cookies: The website may ask if you wish to accept cookies for statistical and ad display purposes only. A cookie is piece of information that is left on your hard disk by the server of websites that you have visited. It contains data which is stored on your computer in the form of a simple text file which a server can access to read and record information. Some parts of the website cannot operate properly if the user refuses to accept cookies.
Hypertext links: Websites may provide links to other websites or other material published on the internet. LAURHOTEL Ltd has no means of monitoring websites with links to its own sites and is not responsible or liable for the availability of such external sites and resources. It cannot be held responsible for any damage whatsoever arising from the content of these external sites or resources, including information, products or services that they offer, or any use made of such information. Users take full responsibility for any risks related to the use of such sites and must comply with their terms and conditions of use. Internet users and website subscribers and visitors are not permitted to set up hypertext links to our sites without obtaining prior, express authorization from LAURHOTEL Ltd. Should a user or visitor wish to set up hypertext links to one of LAURHOTEL Ltd’s websites, he must submit a request, using the contact form, seeking permission to do so. LAURHOTEL Ltd reserves the right to accept or refuse a hypertext link without having to set out reasons for doing so.

1. Personal data

Any personal data pertaining to you will be processed in accordance with the modified data protection act of 6th January 1978.
Processing of data is necessary so we can identify and contact you. Such data is intended for the use of LAURHOTEL Ltd, its partners and their subcontractors. We may use this information for future marketing and to contact you (including by email) with special offers from LAURHOTEL Ltd and partner companies, unless you state otherwise. You have the right to access, contest and modify any data pertaining to you by submitting a request using the contact form:
For the most part, you are not required to disclose any personal data when you visit the website. However, there are certain exceptions to this. In order to use certain services offered on our website you will need to disclose certain information such as: your name, your job, the name of your company, your email and your phone number. This is the case when you fill in the on-line form in the “Contact” section. In any event, you can refuse to provide your personal data. Should you do this, you will be unable to use some of the services on offer, notably requests for information about our company, and receiving newsletters. Finally, we can automatically collect some information about you when you visit our website, including: information about website use such as the areas visited and services accessed, your IP address, the type of browser used and your access times. This information is analysed internally and used for statistical purposes only in order to improve the quality of services on offer. Databases are protected by the provisions of the Law of 1st July 1998 transposing Directive 96/9 of 11th March 1996 concerning the legal protection of databases.

2. Cookies

Non-personal data is collected during your session by a cookies tracking system and used for statistical purposes.
These files, stored on your computer, allow LAURHOTEL Ltd to record information about your use of the website: (pages visited, date and hour of visit etc.).
Under no circumstances will this data be used to identify you; the sole aim of this data collection is to facilitate access to the services on offer and improve this website.

3. Site content

LAURHOTEL Ltd cannot give any assurance that the information published on this website is accurate, reliable, comprehensive or up-to-date. Consequently, LAURHOTEL Ltd assumes no responsibility for possible inaccuracies, inconsistencies or omissions to information published on this website.

4. Intellectual property:

This website as well as its component parts (in particular texts, photographs, videos, trademarks etc.) constitutes intellectual property as defined by articles 112-2 et seq of the Intellectual Property Code, covered by French and international legislation on Literary and Artistic Property. Reproduction of pages from this website, on any medium whatsoever (including hard disk) is permitted for private use only.
Consequently, any full or partial reproduction or representation of the site or its component parts for commercial ends, is prohibited without prior written permission of LAURHOTEL Ltd and may constitute an infringement of copyright that may give rise to civil and criminal liability. Rights pertaining to advertising films as well as musical works featured in these films, are the exclusive property of the owner of the recording in question.

5. Hypertext links:

LAURHOTEL Ltd web site contains a certain number of hypertext links to other internet websites. LAURHOTEL Ltd accepts no liability for the content of these sites or links that they may contain, or their operating conditions, (including management of personal data etc.) Simple hypertext links to the website may be set up subject to prior agreement of LAURHOTEL Ltd. Any deep hypertext link or link which uses a “framing” technique (one page is displayed within a frame in another site) is strictly prohibited.

6. Disclaimer of technical liability

LAURHOTEL Ltd undertakes to ensure that the website is accessible at all times.
However, LAURHOTEL Ltd disclaims liability for any difficulties you may experience when accessing the site or interruptions to the connection, irrespective of cause. In particular, LAURHOTEL Ltd reserves the right to modify the website at any time it deems fit without prior warning, even if access to the website is interrupted as a result.
Furthermore, LAURHOTEL Ltd cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage that may result from accessing the site or using the site, including inaccessibility, loss of data, damage, destruction or viruses that could affect your computer equipment and/or the presence of viruses on the website. You are responsible for checking that the computer system used contains no virus and is in perfect working order.

7. Litigation:

The terms and conditions of the website are governed by French law and any disputes or conflicts arising from the interpretation or application of said terms and conditions shall fall exclusively under the jurisdiction of the court in the place of the company’s registered office. The official language used to settle any potential dispute will be French.

8. Services provided:

All company activities and relevant information are published on the website.
LAURHOTEL Ltd makes every effort to publish the most accurate information possible on the website. Information published on the website website is not intended to be exhaustive and photos are not legally binding. They are provided with the proviso that changes may be made after they are posted on line. Furthermore, all information published on the website is provided for guidance only and may be changed or amended at any time.

9. Limitation of liability

The material included in this website is as accurate as possible and is regularly updated throughout the year; however, the website may contain inaccurate or incomplete information. If you notice an omission, or error, or what appears to be a malfunction, please advise us using the contact form, describing the nature of the problem, in as much detail as possible (page with problem, type of computer and browser used etc.) Any content downloaded is downloaded at the user’s own risk and is his/her sole responsibility. Consequently, LAURHOTEL Ltd assumes no responsibility for any damage to the user’s computer system or loss of data that results from such download. In addition, users of the website undertake to access the website using modern hardware that is free from computer viruses and an updated version of a latest generation browser. LAURHOTEL Ltd assumes no responsibility for hypertext links, embedded in the current website, to other websites and internet resources.

10. Intellectual property:

The contents of the website, including but not limited to, graphics, images, texts, videos, animations, sounds, logos, GIFs and icons as well as their formatting, are the exclusive property of the company, excluding trademarks, logos or content belonging to partner companies or authors. Any reproduction, distribution, modification, adaptation, retransmission or publication, whole or partial, of these various elements, is strictly prohibited without the written agreement of LAURHOTEL Ltd. Such a representation or reproduction, by any means whatsoever, constitutes an infringement of copyright, punishable under Articles L.335-2 et seq of the intellectual copyright law. Failure to observe these restrictions constitutes an infringement of copyright that may give rise to civil and criminal liability. Furthermore, the copyright holders may initiate legal action against you.